Women Beyond Faith

Meet Annette - Part I

March 11, 2019 Season 2 Episode 9
Women Beyond Faith
Meet Annette - Part I
Women Beyond Faith
Meet Annette - Part I
Mar 11, 2019 Season 2 Episode 9
Leah Janet
Annette grew up homeschooled in a conservative fundamentalist Mennonite community in rural Kansas - no longer defined by Mennonite Theology, she is becoming her best self!
Show Notes

Annette Beitzel is a 29 year old Accounting student. She married young -- at the age of 20-- like many fundy christians do.  Today Annette and her hubby live in Michigan with their adorable, delightful nearly 2 year old son. 

Annette grew up in a fundamentalist conservative Mennonite community in rural Kansas. While there were always matters of theology and biblical teaching that didn't square, her faith didn't start to fall apart until she and her hubby moved away from the Mennonite  community to Grand Rapids, MI for school. 

Today Annette finds herself a proud humanist atheist. She finds joy in raising her kid with gentleness and respect while modeling kindness and critical thinking. She is working hard to break the dysfunctional cycle of fundamentalist parenting!

If you're interested in touching base with Annette, you can send me an email at womenbeyondfaith@gmail.com and I will connect you. 


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