Women Beyond Faith

Meet Bess Part 1 --

March 03, 2022 Leah Janet Season 5 Episode 4
Women Beyond Faith
Meet Bess Part 1 --
Show Notes

Bess is in her mid 20s. She lives in a small rural Pennsylvania town. As you'd expect, she's been surrounded by conservative christians as far as the eye can see for the entirety of her life.  

Raised in the church and educated in christian schools, Bess never fit in. Everyone around her was exactly the same – same beliefs, same hobbies, same skin color, same EVERYTHING!  

Sure, she made attempts to fit in, but as a young teen, Bess determined she could no longer pretend to be someone she wasn't. This authenticity and independence created turmoil within her family of origin -- particularly in the relationship with her father. It wasn't appropriate for a young girl to ask questions and think for herself. 

As an older teen, Bess and her dad came to an understanding that they'd just have to agree to disagree. However, as Bess' faith continued to erode, the conflict returned and this time not only with dad but  into the larger circle of Bess' immediate family.  

Living authentically hasn't been easy.  Bess at times wishes she could just turn off her hunger for truth switch. But for some of us, this is impossible to do!!

We are learning how to use our voices. We’re Speaking Up. And Speaking Out. Finding our Voices. And in so doing, Finding Freedom. On the Other Side. One Story at a Time. 

Enjoy Bess. She’s pretty f*&ing incredible!


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