Women Beyond Faith

Meet Reagan Part 1 --

March 25, 2022 Leah Janet Season 5 Episode 5
Women Beyond Faith
Meet Reagan Part 1 --
Show Notes

Reagan is a mom and owner of multiple small businesses here in the Greater Cincinnati area. She grew up in the church. She and her family frequented the same homeschool circles as my family. Her people played on the same homeschool sports teams as my people. Her sister actually dated one of my favorite human’s brother. We knew, and -- still know—a lot of the same people.

I’m not sure how or when I was first introduced to Reagan’s Instagram page. I don’t think I realized at the time that she was someone from our homeschool past, I was just attracted to the passion and pizzazz she oozed.  I loved what she was saying about preserving the magic of childhood and getting kids out in to nature. 

She inspired me. Reagan was raising her kid the way I wished I would have raised my kids. She was teaching me things. 

One day last fall I put two and two together and realized our families used to do life in the same Cincinnati homeschool circles. And I wanted to know more. So -- I reached out and asked Reagan if she’d be interested in sharing her journey -- from evangelical homeschool kiddo to earth loving, tree hugging inspirational homeschool mama and entrepreneur. Luckily, for me and you, she said yes. 

Enjoy the conversation. I’m pretty sure you, too, will be inspired by Reagan’s moxie. 

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