Women Beyond Faith

Meet Reagan Part 2 --

May 04, 2022 Leah Janet Season 5 Episode 6
Women Beyond Faith
Meet Reagan Part 2 --
Show Notes

Reagan's back! In this conversation she talks specifics regarding the multiple small businesses she runs here in the Greater Cincinnati area. 

Reagan is a career coach, professional photographer, CEO of a Nature Preschool, blogger, AND does speaking engagements. Whew! That makes me tired just typing it all out!!  

Reagan continues to inspire me -- she's changing the world by being herself! 

Here's Reagan --  sharing more of her journey -- from evangelical homeschool kiddo to earth loving, tree hugging inspirational homeschool mama and entrepreneur. 

Enjoy the conversation. I’m pretty sure you, too, will continue to be inspired by Reagan’s moxie. 

Find out more about Reagan at the links below:





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