Women Beyond Faith

Meet Janice --

September 02, 2022 Leah Janet Season 5 Episode 11
Women Beyond Faith
Meet Janice --
Show Notes

Janice Selbie is a Registered Professional Counsellor and religious recovery consultant. She Divorced Religion after nearly 40 years in the Pentecostal (and briefly, Mennonite) denomination. After also divorcing her husband, Janice went back to school to become a counsellor and founded the Divorcing Religion Workshop, the Conference on Religious Trauma (aka CORT), and the Shameless Sexuality: Life After Purity Culture conference.

Here's additional details regarding Janice's offerings: 

  • One-on-one consulting to help you understand your own religious trauma syndrome and what recovery can look like -- https://www.divorcing-religion.com
  • The Divorcing Religion Workshop  an on-line, live,  6-week supportive small group designed to help you transition out of religion and into secular life --https://www.divorcing-religion.com
  • Janice's first Shameless Sexuality -- An online conference for survivors of Purity Culture and their helpers will be held October 14-16, 2022 -- https://www.shamelesssexuality.org
  •  The Conference on Religious Trauma (CORT) where past speakers represent a variety of fundamentalist religious backgrounds including Amish, Evangelical, Mormon, Muslim, and Hasidic Orthodox Judaism -- https://www.religioustraumaconference.org
  • And -- lastly -- there's the CORT YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGhyTXTIM9kdTJ1jW-Ckb5g

From CORT's vision statement: 
There are widespread assumptions that religion in general is good or at least harmless.  Yet people are seriously hurt by religious doctrines and practices every day.  This has to end.
        ---  Dr. Marlene Winelll

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