Women Beyond Faith

Meet Carrie Part 2 --

October 10, 2022 Leah Janet Season 5 Episode 13
Women Beyond Faith
Meet Carrie Part 2 --
Show Notes

Carrie's back!  Join us as she share's the rest of her journey up to present day. May her badassery inspire you!

Carrie Doan is a pleasure coach, writer, and business strategist who is passionate about empowering women to rediscover their worth through practices of pleasure.  She believes that every single part of us is deserving of love and actively works to reawaken the spirit to a life of abundance.  When she's not tending to her children or seeking adventures around the world, she's busy hosting the "Clearly Connected Podcast" where she invites listeners to reimagine all the ways they can reconnect to themselves, to others, and to our natural environment.

Website: www.carriedoan.com

           Clearly Connected Podcast 

           IG @carriedoancoaching

Carrie's Dare to Desire Ebook


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