Women Beyond Faith

Meet Bekah Part 2 -

November 18, 2019 Leah Janet Season 2 Episode 24
Women Beyond Faith
Meet Bekah Part 2 -
Show Notes

And -- we're back with Bekah!  You don't want to miss the second half of her story as Bekah continues to WOW and amaze with her maturity and badassery.

Sit back, get those feet up, grab a glass (or mug) of your favorite beverage and be prepared to be blown away by this awe-inspiring female apostate!

Bekah was shaped by many things, places and identities she would now categorize as "formerly." The last 3 years have been an intensive process of learning who she is currently. Labels aren't popular these days but they can be helpful to give you an expedient snapshot of someone. This is a short list of Bekah's former and current "labels."

She is formerly: 

A Louisianian

a fundamentalist, charismatic christian

an executive assistant

a recreational nudist

a sexually repressed dater-of-men

a cake decorator

She is currently: 

a resident of Asheville, North Carolina

an agnostic with atheist tendencies

a kickass massage therapist

A cult survivor with religious trauma

a sexual abuse survivor living with Complex PTSD

a lesbian in a long term, long distance relationship


Blog: RebekahHopes.wordpress.com 

instagram: bekahhopes

email: bekah.hope@gmail.com

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