Women Beyond Faith

Meet Godless Mama Part 2 -

February 04, 2020 Leah Janet Season 3 Episode 1
Women Beyond Faith
Meet Godless Mama Part 2 -
Show Notes

She's baaaaaack!!

Godless Mama -- our first guest in 2020 -- will titillate the senses! We talk trauma and therapy, LGBTQ advocacy, fighting on behalf of our kids, contentment, the 2020 election, and getting out the Vote.

"I'll be goddamned if this crappy world is the one that gets foisted on my kid and I will fight that battle on whatever fronts necessary."

Tracey in her own words -

"I believe that the only hope for humanity lies in the embrace of evidence-based thinking. Whether the subject is religion or science or politics or anything in between, an earnest desire to ascertain reality demands that we seek the best available evidence, acknowledge our biases, do our best to compensate for them, and be willing to adjust our worldview accordingly. This is necessary even (perhaps especially) when doing so is difficult - in other words, all the time.
Intellectual honesty is uncomfortable. Personal growth usually is too. It is easy to talk ourselves into believing that only others suffer the impairment of cognitive bias, or that we are otherwise exceptional and therefore exempt from the rules we expect others to follow. It feels good to be right and even better to be righteous, whereas admitting fallibility can be awkward, humiliating, or painful. But we must resist the siren song of comforting self-delusion and struggle, however clumsily, to reserve the highest standards for ourselves.
Moving beyond superstition and tribalism isn't just about the satisfaction of being right: It's about making the world a better place. It's about clearing away the excuses and the ignorance that too often get in the way of seeing our common humanity, and finding our way to a more ethical, more moral, more productive society. This is what I want for my child. It is what all children deserve. And so it starts with me."

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